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Creating a Great Web Experience

Why have just a good web site when you could have a great one that utilizes the power modern web browsers? HTML5 and CSS3 is becoming widely supported as newer browsers adopt the latest standards and technology while older browsers are largely losing their users due to security problems and the lack of modern features and support. Responsive design is a must, especially with the skyrocketing usage of mobile devices. If your website is not mobile friendly then you are losing out on potential users.

Latest Lab Entries

SMVPE - PHP Class to Parse and Embed Social Media Videos

SMVPE (Social Media Video Parse & Embed) is a PHP class that allows you to easily parse and embed a video URL or ID from some...

Equalize the height of child elements

Here's a cool little jQuery plugin that I wrote in order to solve a problem that I've frequently encountered with floated elements. That problem is that...

Hello, World!

A web developer wouldn't be a web developer without the obligatory "Hello World" blurb. Well, here's mine and it's only fitting that the first lab entry...

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