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I'm a Web Developer from the Chicago area who's been designing, building, and maintaining websites since 2003. Learn More »

Crafting the Web Since 2003

Starting my journey back in 2003, I’ve worked with and managed teams comprised of marketing gurus, SEO specialists, UI/UX experts, graphic designers, front-end developers, and other back-end developers to build and maintain a multitude of different websites and web applications. My roles have ranged from creating and implementing front-end web interfaces using the latest HTML, CSS, and JavaScript standards to architecting and developing back-end systems using PHP and SQL running on software such as Apache, NGINX, and LiteSpeed.

Latest Lab Entries

SMVPE - PHP Class to Parse and Embed Social Media Videos

SMVPE (Social Media Video Parse & Embed) is a PHP class that allows you to easily parse and embed a video URL or ID from some...

Equalize the height of child elements

Here's a cool little jQuery plugin that I wrote in order to solve a problem that I've frequently encountered with floated elements. That problem is that...

Hello, World!

A web developer wouldn't be a web developer without the obligatory "Hello World" blurb. Well, here's mine and it's only fitting that the first lab entry...

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